Can You Offer Bespoke Log Cabins?

Yes we can offer bespoke log cabins, if you are interested in having a custom Log Cabin, please contact us to find out more information.

Are The Measurements External?

Yes, the measurements for our selection of Log Cabins are measured on the length of the timber.

Please bare in mind this does not include any overhang such as a awning or porch.

If you have any concerns, please raise these either through the website, by phone, by email or during the site survey.

What Is The Lead Time On Log Cabins?

This can differ throughout the year, however the lead time is normally around 8 weeks from order to completion.

Can The Log Cabins Be Used All Year Round?

Absolutely, with a selection of add-ons to your Log Cabin, we can offer up to 45mm wall thickness, roof and floor insulation and double glazed windows,


How Long Do The Felt Singles Last?

The felt shingles on our Log Cabins come with a manufactures guarantee of 10 years.

Do The Log Cabins Come In Different Sizes?

All our Log Cabins come in a variety of sizes. You will get prompted to select your desired size on the selected product page,

How Many Log Cabins Do We Offer?

You can find our collection of Log Cabins on our shop page, please see link below.



What Timber Do You Use?

Here at Essex Log Cabins we use 100% slow grown spruce in all our Log Cabins.

Spruce has a closer grain and is much heavier than other woods, therefore by Essex Log Cabins avoiding the more open grained wood that has a greater tendency to twist or warp, ensures you get as many years as possible in your New Log Cabin.

What Is The Thickness Of Your Timber?

Our timber comes in a range of thickness. From 28mm, 35mm, 45mm and 70mm (depending on which cabin purchased). When purchasing a Log Cabin through our website, you have a selection of thicknesses to choose from.

How Long Do The Log Cabins Last?

Our Log Cabins are built with 100% slow grown spruce and are built to last. To get the most out of your Log Cabins we would recommend that you treat your timber every 5 years with paint preservative.

Is A Site Survey Arranged Before Installation?

Yes, we offer a free site survey to all potential customers in Essex and surrounding counties.

During the site survey. A member of our team can discuss log cabins if you have not already ordered from the website. They will also measure your garden, check for access for delivery and construction and run through any questions you might have.


Do We Supply Basework?

Yes we can supply a timber base frame. Although we can also install your Log Cabin on top of an existing concrete base depending on the condition. If you have an existing concrete base, we can examine the condition during the site survey.

How Long Do The Log Cabins Take To Construct?

A majority of our log cabins take between 2-3 days to complete the construction depending on which log cabin you have selected.

Is Construction Included In The Price?

All our log cabin prices include construction.

Do You Need Planning Permission?

All of the following information can be found on the following government link below:


If you are wondering whether you will need planning permission to build a log cabin on your property, in the majority of cases the answer will be no as these products would fall under ‘permitted development’.

Below are some main points to consider when constructing an outbuilding:


The planning portal states that your outbuilding cannot extend beyond the boundary of your house (beyond the part of the original house nearest the highway). Therefore you can not construct an outbuilding in your front garden.


If you are more than 2 metres from your boundary you can have a maximum eaves height (eaves are the starting point of your roof nearest ground level) of 2.5 metres and a maximum ridge height (ridge is the highest point of your roof) of 4 metres.

If you are less than 2 metres from your boundary then you can have a maximum ridge height of 2.5 metres.


This page only states a few key points regarding regulations for constructing an outbuilding which are all detailed in the planning portal (link provided above). We advise that you read this information and if you are still unsure, then speak to your local planning authority.

Additional Information

The below link will take you to the permitted development rights for householders: technical guidance PDF document.